A place for journalists to discuss their mental health

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From one frontline to another

Gemma Parry has been working as a journalist in South Wales since 2015 – but decided early on in the pandemic to change course and retrain as a mental health nurse. In her blog for newsbreak, she explains why.


The great unknown

Kelly Bellerson is a final year journalism student in Kent and got in touch with newsbreak to share her anxieties about getting a foot in the door in the wake of the pandemic.


Being a friend to strangers

BBC local radio has gone above and beyond to serve its audiences over the last year. This presenter, who doesn’t want to be named, tells newsbreak about those listeners who – now more than ever – rely on them as a friend, and the strain that puts on them.

Dan Gooding

The local news lifeline

Dan Gooding is a journalist at Greatest Hits Radio in Buckinghamshire. In his blog for newsbreak, he talks about the importance of local news and how seeking out positive stories has helped his mental wellbeing.

Laura Hartley

There’s always light in the darkness

Laura Hartley is a social media editor at the newspaper and online publisher, Reach. In her blog for newsbreak, she writes candidly about her anxiety and depression, moving house during a pandemic and the abuse she and her colleagues have faced in the last 12 months.


Loss and lockdown

Emily Mee – a mobile news reporter at Sky News – lost her father a few weeks before the coronavirus pandemic began. In her blog for newsbreak, she talks about dealing with grief, reassessing her social life in lockdown and finding joy in the little things.

Tom Hourigan

Why I set up newsbreak

Tom Hourigan – a senior journalist at BBC News – set up newsbreak at the start of 2021. Here, he explains why.


Getting back into the news

Sarah Collins is Global Radio’s deputy regional news editor in north-west England and recently wrote this blog on how she felt about going back to work in January.